Stefan Hintz

Smooth Newton Fractal

Usually, the color of fractals is determined from the number of iterations calculated before the termination condition. However, if you include the distance of the last two calculation results, you can specify the number with decimal places and achieve a uniform coloration.

Equilateral Shapes

Equilateral Shapes

This image was created with the Girh App.


You can tile the Euclidean Plane with fivefold symmetric tiles.


“Revert to” in the Girih App

With the “Revert to“-feature in the Girih App you can easily browse all previously saved versions of your design and if needed revert to another version.
You will find this function in the menu via: File -> Revert to -> Browse All Versions…

You can even share and old design without reverting it.

“Revert to” in the Girih App

Cube Ring 36

Cube Rings 36
This image was created with the Girh App.

Girih App

To create even easier ornaments, than with the laser cutted Girih tiles, I decided to write a specialized App for it.

An App has some advantages to the physical tiles:

Physical tiles tend to move around a bit, when you release your fingers or add another piece.

Loose tiles can not be durable stored as ornament.

The number of physical tiles is limited.

The look and size of physical tiles is fixed.

You can not seamless join physical tiles.

Download the Girih App

Version 2.2 from September 2018.

Requirements: macOS 10.11 El Capitan or newer

Girih App by Stefan Hintz

This App is completely written in Swift.

As an addition to the standard Girih shapes: Decagon, Pentagon, Hexagon, Bow Tie and Rhombus at added some more shapes.

Not all of the shapes can be combined together without gaps.

So this App is also useful for creating Penrose Patterns or Ornaments from regular Polygons.

I am curious to see, what you create with it. If you tweet about it, tag it with: #Girih

Please let me know what you like about my Girih App and what not.


Pattern created with the Girih App