Girih FAQ


Are there other versions of the Girih App or the Zellige App for other operating systems?

At the moment there is only one version for macOS publicly available.

The most recent release of the Girih App is available at:

Version 2.3 from December 2018.

The most recent release of the Zellige App is available at:

Version 2.0 from July 2019.

How do I start using the Girih App?

Look at the menu File -> Examples.

Look at the Help menu.

Create your own design by starting with a decagon. Then surround it with pentagons.
Double click your already placed decagon. Now you can add more decagons.
Look at the toolbar for matching shapes to fill the gaps.
If you want to remove shapes from your design, use drag and drop.

What is maximum image size that can be exported as PNG or JPG?

The Girih App does not limit the image size.

The size will only be limited by your hardware and operating system.

If you double click the scale factor field in the export dialog, the scale factor is recalculated to match a maximum width or height of 13500px. But you can also enter bigger sizes.

13500px is very well tested, which is up to 182 Megapixels, which should be good enough for most use cases. Let me know, what your preferred size is.

Will there be a Windows Version?

Writing the Girih App took more than three years.
Writing a Windows Version of the Girih App would also take a lot of valuable time.
This time could better be spend into another macOS App which never seen before features.
Not all features of the macOS App would be available under windows.
Other „free“ macOS features have to be reimplemented for Windows.
I do not know how useful Swift programming for Windows is at the moment. Otherwise everything has to be completely rewritten.
I do not have a development Windows PC.

Features of macOS which would not be ported to Windows:
Quick Look
Quick Look Previews in the Examples Menu
Restoration of unsaved documents after restart or even after crash
Version Browser
Touch Bar
Drag and Drop of Colors
Window Tabs
Save, Rename, Move, Open Folder via document window title
Sandbox Security

Features which are built-in macOS which have to re-implemented manually with lots of effort for windows:
Core Animation
Undo Manager
Color Picker

The whole user interface has to be completely rewritten.

Will there be an iOS Version?

Many of the code of the macOS App can be reused for iOS.
But the user interaction has to be different. There are no mouse-events without clicking on a touch device.
iPads are much slower than a Mac. Some extra time for further performance optimizations has been done.
A rudimentary iOS version has been started. So far it supports file handling including iCloud support.

Files can be shared between the macOS Girih App and the iOS App via iCloud Drive.

The file format is exactly the same. The code for reading and writing is exactly the same.

Icons in the iOS App and the File App show a preview of the file. Export to SVG is already working.

The iOS App so far can read and display files. Zoom, rotate and pan is possible in this early stages.

Shapes can be selected, copied and added.

Selected shapes can be deleted.

Three rhombs in a hexagon can be swapped via drag and drop.

The iOS version is indented to support as well iPad and iPhone devices.

Will there be an Android Version?

An Android version should be done after all the user interaction changes are solved for an iOS version.
I do not know how useful Swift programming for Android is at the moment. Otherwise everything has to be completely rewritten.

Can I use the files, which I create with the app, for commercial purposes?

You can use your designs for commercial purposes.


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